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Spring 2016

Welcome to the MADE Global Newsletter!
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1. News from the MADE Network

Global Diaspora Day
The MADE Working Group on Diaspora and Migrants in Development, is excited to announce an open call for submissions in preparation for Global Diaspora Day. Together with MADE partner AFFORD we are seeking inspirational stories on the role and contributions of diaspora and migrants to development, with a focus on their role in job creation, enterprise, investment and public policy as well as examples that seek to combat negative migrant stereotypes and xenophobia. We welcome applications from everyone - migrants or migrant groups, civil society practitioners, employers or business people. The deadline for submissions is 13 May 2016.
Read more
Publication of MOVEMENT report

MADE has just published the first edition of Movement: A Global Civil Society Report on Progress and Impact for Migrants' Rights and Development. The report is an independent assessment by Maastricht University measuring the progress that has been made on achieving each of the eight goals in civil society’s ‘5-year 8-point Plan of Action’ in its first two years. Drawing from a global survey among over 350 civil society leaders and organisations, interviews and literature reviews, the assessment reports both action and inertia among the 8 points, with a set of key recommendations to civil society and governments for action going forward. Our thanks to all members of civil society who provided input to the assessment. Read more
Myth busting: Deconstructing 10 myths about migration and development
With the increase in the number of refugees and migrants trying to enter Europe in 2015, there has been a concurrent increase in suspicion, fears and preconceptions among the citizens and governments of destination countries. By confronting false or misleading statements with strong data, facts and migrant testimonies, this tool, developed by ICMC Europe (MADE Europe chapter coordinator) and the Forum des Organisations de Solidarité Internationale issues des Migrations (FORIM) in coordination with the pan-European NGO development consortium CONCORD, aims to deconstruct common misconceptions on migration in relation to poverty, development aid and the job market, among others. ICMC Europe will organise a webinar to present the tool on the 9th of June (more info will be sent soon). Read more on Myth busting 
Recruitment Reform: Zero Fees Campaign

The Open Working Group on Labour Migration & Recruitment, coordinated by MADE partner Migrant Forum in Asia, calls on governments to implement Zero Recruitment Fees policies, which demand no such fees charged to the workers. Current activities of this working group are a petition to the Nepalese government, to stand firm on an important law passed in 2015 obliging foreign employers to bear the visa and flight ticket costs for Nepali migrant workers that they hire. Sign until the end of the week!
A related 
activity, just-launched, is an online discussion on temporary labour migration programs, in which they are interested to hear from migrant workers, those working with migrant workers, or anyone with an interest in this topic
. Read more


2. High-Level Meeting on Large Movements of Refugees and Migrants, 19 September


The UN General Assembly (UNGA) will convene an extraordinary High-Level Meeting on Addressing large movements of refugees and migrants (HLM) on 19 September 2016. Following a decision adopted by UNGA in December 2015, this is the last of four high-level meetings that the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon has organised since February, bringing the world together to respond to the displacement and movement of large numbers of refugees and migrants across the globe.
The HLM is a process, not a single event, with many action and key features before, during and after 19 September. Please read here for more detailed information on these developments.
Two key points for civil society to note regarding the process this quarter:

  • There will be a single day of hearings at the UNGA (dated tentatively 14 July) in which civil society and other stakeholders provide input directly to UN Member States in the room that day and also in an official written report
  • On 27 April, UN NGLS (Non-governmental Liaison Service) circulated an email inviting civil society organisations worldwide to apply for membership on a civil society Steering Committee that will organise civil society participation in September 19 and related events. See Terms of Reference and application, if you are interested in being involved in this Steering Committee.

3. News from GFMD

Latest updates on GFMD 2016
  • The Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD) 2016 will be held in Dhaka, Bangladesh from 8 to 12 December, with the Government of Bangladesh serving as Chair.
  • In December and January, the Bangladesh Chair released a set of elements and its first full draft of the Concept paper for the government programme of the GFMD, proposing the overall theme of the 2016 GFMD to be “Migration that Works for Sustainable Development of All: a transformative migration agenda”. 
  • At the invitation of the Chair, ICMC’s Civil Society Coordinating Office collected and submitted feedback, in particular from among 33 civil society leaders and networks around the world active in the International Steering Committee of civil society for the GFMD (ISC). Further feedback was presented directly to the Chair in meetings in Dhaka, Geneva and New York.
  • ICMC, the ISC and other civil society partners have asked the governments to invite representatives of civil society to the GFMD states roundtables. In February, the ISC sent a letter to the current GFMD government chair, Bangladesh, asking for a meeting to discuss this proposal. The letter has been signed and submitted by 152 civil society organisations active in migration and development worldwide.
  • ICMC and the ISC are currently developing the draft programme for this year's Civil Society Days (8/9 December). The programme will take forward civil society recommendations and actions from the 2015 GFMD in Turkey, referring to the Government GFMD programme but centering around civil society's  5-year 8-point Plan of Action.
Read more on the GFMD Civil Society Days

4. News on MICIC (Migrants in Countries in Crisis)

The MADE Network, together with the Global Coalition on Migration (GCM) has been coordinating a series of regional consultations with civil society, immediately ahead of and directly connected to the official government Migrants in Countries in Crisis (MICIC) consultations.
MICIC focuses on improving responses to migrants and all other non-citizens present - and often stranded - in countries in times of conflict or natural disasters. Government chairs U.S. and the Philippines are planning to present the "Principles, Practices and Guidelines" collected in this consultation process to the High Level Meeting on September 19.
Recent consultations have taken place for Latin America in January, and for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region in February. Read the outcome documents for the civil society consultations in Latin America and the MENA region
The final Civil Society MICIC consultation took place for East and Southern Africa at the end of April, with the outcome document soon to be available on the MADE Network website. Read more

5. Migration and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's)

Next steps for Civil society on taking the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda forward
On 25 and 26 February, the 14th annual coordination meeting on International migration was organised by the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA) in New York. The aim of the meeting was to bring together entities of the United Nations system, other relevant intergovernmental organisations, civil society, researchers as well as member states in order to strengthen their collaboration. It is the largest annual gathering on migration in the United Nations.
presentation by Bob van Dillen of MADE partner Cordaid, representing MADE and speaking on behalf of the NGO Committee on Migration, focused on the important role of civil society in moving Agenda 2030 forward. 
Read more
Online Course on Agenda 2030

The United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) has launched a new Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) about Agenda 2030. The “Introduction to the 2030 Agenda: A New Agenda for a Sustainable World” course was developed to address potential knowledge gaps of both policy-makers and ordinary people to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Read more

6. MADE Stories from the ground

The Mennonite Social Action Committee (CASM) in Honduras is about to finalise a project funded by the MADE Civil Society Network. Their project aims to influence the development agenda of local governments. CASM calls on authorities of the region of Valle de Sula to take into account the difficulties
migrant population face, to improve their living conditions, to prevent migrants from taking dangerous journeys abroad and to provide proper reintegration to returned migrants. The project includes an ongoing video campaign. Check out the 3 short video clips showcasing how CASM’s reintegration programs are helping young returned migrants. Read more

7. Other Migration and Development News 

Potsdam Spring Dialogues

African migration is often perceived as massive, increasing and mainly directed toward Europe. Speakers at this year’s Potsdam Spring Dialogues, including MADE's Sophie Ngo-Diep reminded the audience that African migration is first and foremost intra-continental, and called on African and European leaders to work as equal partners and acknowledge the benefits that migration and mobility can bring to both continents. Read more
A Civil Society's response to report on World Humanitarian Summit

The important World Humanitarian Summit is taking place in Istanbul on 23 and 24 May. Heads of state and senior government leaders, international agencies and civil society organisations from around the world will be gathering to formalise commitments that they have worked on in a two-year process launched by UN Secretary-General (SG) Ban Ki-Moon. Recently, the Secretary General  published his report for the Summit, with many explicit references to humanitarian needs and action regarding refugees, migrants and displaced persons. In enthusiastic response, the NGO Committee on Migration in New York, in collaboration with MADE, prepared a 3-page statement with an analysis and further recommendations specifically on those parts of the Secretary-General’s report. At the invitation of the NGO Committee and MADE, 79 civil society organisations added their signatures to the statement. Read more

JMDI Training Materials on Migration and Local Development for local authorities and local actors 

The Joint Migration and Development Initiative (JMDI) has created a set of training materials known as the "My JMDI Toolbox" to support local authorities and other local actors in their efforts to make migration work for local development. The materials include various modules that cover many aspects of migration management at the local level, case studies, practices, references to more material and pedagogical aspect that means it can be used individually or to teach groups.

8. 2016 - Events for your calendar




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