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1. Co-facilitators release second draft of the Outcome document

The second draft of the political declaration that should form the outcome of the UN Summit for refugees and migrants, dated 12 July, was released 13 July by the co-facilitators the Permanent Missions of Ireland and Jordan.
Together with the draft Global Compact on Responsibility-sharing for Refugees that came out on 30 June, which is proposed as an annex to the political declarations, this is now the working document informing the Member States’ negotiations and civil society consultations on 14 July and beyond.
2. 1st civil society feedback on the zero-draft of the Outcome document

Several civil society organizations have released responses and recommendations for the outcome document.
A number of the organizations that are part the HLS Action Committee have consolidated and published their first feedback to the zero-draft of the Outcome document for the Summit, as well as the draft Global Compact on Responsibility-sharing for Refugees.
In the feedback, organizations welcome the broad scope and extensive reach of the zero-draft and the reaffirmation of existing rights, conventions and frameworks, but call for the Summit to translate these concretely into policy, practice and action at the soonest. The feedback cautions against the risk of the outcome becoming empty words, as might happen if the text and proposals do not become more specific and actionable, with implementation and accountability mechanisms, resources, and specific time-lines. The feedback urges Member States to ensure that civil society, in particular refugees, migrants, displaced persons and diaspora themselves are part of policy-making and solution-building at every step of the way.
Read the civil society consolidated feedback here.
3. First rounds of civil society consultations with the co-facilitators on the outcome document at the UN (7 & 14 July); video-messages invited

On 7 July, the first civil society consultations with the co-facilitators Jordan and Ireland took place. During this, civil society organisations were given the opportunity to express key advocacy messages to the co-facilitators and Member States present on both the zero draft of the Outcome document and the Global Compact on Responsibility-sharing for Refugees. Pre-registered civil society organisations had the opportunity to either speak in person at the consultation, or send in video comments to be played during the session. You can watch the 40-minute civil society consultation from 7 July here

Registration to speak and participate in future civil society consultations with the co-facilitators Jordan and Ireland for the outcome document requires on-line registration through the office of the President of the General Assembly and UN Non-Governmental Liaison Service. Participate either in-person or by sending comments through video. See more details here.

4. Government negotiations on the Outcome document and Global Compact on Responsibility-sharing for Refugees

The government negotiations on the Outcome document as well as the Global Compact on Responsibility-sharing for Refugees are taking place regularly throughout the month of July, with the next one scheduled to take place on Thursday 14 July. Previous meetings took place on 1 and 7 July.  See the submitted statements by some governments, observer states, civil society and other stakeholders here.
5. Last chance to register for 17 July civil society preparatory meeting in New York
On Sunday 17 July, civil society, led by the self-organized civil society Action Committee, will hold a preparatory meeting open to all in civil society. The meeting is being held the day before the 18 July interactive multi-stakeholder hearing that takes place at the United Nations (UN) in preparation for the UN High-Level Summit on addressing large movements of refugees and migrants that will be held on 19 September 2016.

This preparatory meeting will provide an informal space for civil society to meet and strategize together on priority messages to bring into the 18 July interactive hearing, as well as towards the government negotiations on the outcome document. The meeting will also look at civil society organizing towards the Summit and beyond to ensure follow-up, implementation and accountability of governments.
The programme for this event will be released soon, and will be available online here. If interested in participating, please register here by 16 July.

6.  New website for and by civil society for the September Summit on Refugees and Migrants

We are pleased to announce the launch of a dedicated website by and for civil society in preparation for the September Summit. This website, called, provides a platform for civil society to share position papers and key advocacy messages, as well as offering up-to-date information about events and resources around the Summit process, such as the civil society’s “New Deal for refugees, migrants an societies” with starting points for the outcome document.  The three prior and all future newsletters are accessible on the website in this section also.
7. 11 July webinar for civil society in preparation for the 19 September Summit

Thank you to the 60 civil society organizations who participated in the MADE webinar in preparation for the September UNGA Summit on Refugees and Migrants. During the discussion, civil society participants exchanged updates and civil society key advocacy targets and messages for both the Outcome document and the 19 September Summit itself, as well as civil society communication with UN member states and other stakeholders. For those of you who could not join or would like to revisit some key moments of the discussion, find the recording of webinar here.
8. Reminder – Deadline to apply to participate or speak at the 19 September Summit is now 21 July

The deadline set by the UN for non-state actors to apply to attend or speak at the 19 September Summit has been moved forward to the earlier date of 21 July. The application form as well as related information, is available here.
The application process to apply for participation in the 18 July hearings is now closed and all applicants should have received a notification messages from the UN.
9. Civil society “New Deal for refugees, migrants and societies” is open for global sign-on.

The input that the self-organized civil society Action Committee prepared as a baseline of starting points for UN Member States to use in their development of the Outcome document is open for sign-on by civil society organizations everywhere.  Entitled “A New Deal for refugees, migrants and societies”, it is a resource to support civil society organizing and advocacy directly with UN Member States in capitals around the world, in New York and in other settings, both inside and outside of the outcome negotiations.  Sign on here
10. Dates and deadlines

14, 20, 21, 25, 26, 27, 29 Formal Member states consultations to negotiate High-level Summit outcome document, in New York
14 Informal civil society consultation with co-facilitators of the 19 September Summit on the Outcome document and Global Compact on responsibility Sharing for Refugees
11-20 ECOSOC High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development in New York
17 Civil Society self-organized preparatory meeting ahead of the "Informal multi-stakeholder interactive Hearing" in preparation for the High-Level Summit on 19 September
18 2nd Meeting of the GFMD Business Mechanism, in New York
18 "Informal multi-stakeholder interactive Hearings" in preparation for the High-Level Summit on 19 September, UNGA New York
19 Third GFMD 2016 Thematic Workshop, on "Migration for Peace, Stability and Growth", in New York
19 Civil Society Consultation in preparation for the 19 September High Level Summit and
the 3rd Global Mayoral Forum
21 Deadline for Civil Society to register to attend/speak at the 19 September High-Level Summit
19 High Level Summit on Addressing Large Movements of Refugees and Migrants, UNGA New York
19 United Nations Private Sector Forum 2016
20 Leaders’ Summit on the Global Refugee Crisis (Obama Summit)
8-12 Civil society days, Common Space and Government days of Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD) in Bangladesh
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